Cotton Reusable Face Mask

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Cotton Reusable Face Mask

As we all know that this pandemic situation is increasing day by day so it is better to take precautions and precautions is to cover your face by face mask. A face mask is very essential nowadays to keep this in mind we introduce cotton reusable face mask this will protect your nose and mouth from coronavirus, wear this facial mask while stepping outside according WHO we should wear a mask while coughing and sneezing so that other people don’t get infected.

Shop cotton reusable face mask starting from 3$/per piece Specworks leading e-commerce portal dealing with different kinds of saleable items like clothing and different accessories but nowadays according to government guidelines we are supplying only essential services.

Our reusable face mask is made up of cotton cloth it can reused so you don’t have change, again and again, we have drop the price to 3$ so that you can buy for your staff member and family member buy face mask in bulk and get discount on your first purchase we are providing wholesale face mask online for essential workers.

Features of Cotton Reusable Face Mask:

  • A face mask made of antimicrobial cotton cloth.
  • A face mask can be reused.
  • Cover your mouth and nose no gaps will be left between your face and mask.

Facemask Ship in 24 Hours:

  • We have Reusable & Washable Ear loop Cotton Face Mask For Unisex Available in different sizes and colors.
  • Cotton face mask, Cloth face masks are Ready to Ship in 24 hours in the several states of USA – California, Colorado, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Virginia, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Texas.
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